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Atmosphere is proud to promote the talent from here. The brick walls of the bed and breakfast are perfect to present and highlight art works that have character, boldness and generate special feelings. All the paintings presented in this true art gallery are for sale for those who are not afraid to dare. You can click on the images for more details. It is with great honour that we contribute to make you discover:

Zoé B., artist of the year


Zoé B. comes from a family of artists and grew up entirely immersed in the arts milieu. Her grandfather being a painter, her father a theatrical designer and her mother an art director, Zoé’s destiny was naturally divined.

Her great interests: colours, forms, sculpture, materials. Her passion: the culinary arts, to which she has devoted much time through study, travel and design. After obtaining a DEC in graphic design in 2005, Zoé began her career in an agency. For the past six years, she has divided her time among design projects, painting and university studies in marketing.

Zoé B. is now presenting her first exhibition. Resulting from years of research and observation, the techniques she uses marry the infinite possibilities of graphic design software with the traditional medium of acrylic. Adding water for a wash effect and mortar for texture, she works with fragments of abstract forms and typographic and organic elements to create a new relationship between paint and canvas.

The surface colours appear initially as black and white. Then earth tones emerge through the roots and dusty hues, brushed on boldly or lightly, in harmony or disharmony with the textured base. Hints of anxiety or joy, moments forgotten, words and letters, repetitive forms… all are brought into play.

The circle is a dominant motif in this collection. Small circles in vibrant tones forming bold and contrasting patterns, or billowing like stains and fading like memories. A presence… Yet also attached to organic forms, alluding or referring to the plant world through colour or realistic representation.

The mental landscapes thus evoked give expression to an original voice that travels from the canvas and a little beyond it. 

Zoé B. was born in 1985 in Montreal, where she continues to pursue her career as a painter and designer.

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